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Back to School House Preparation

Monday, August 12, 2019   /   by Natasha McNealy

Back to School House Preparation

Can you believe it’s already back to school time?! This summer absolutely flew by but we hope you enjoyed yours just as much as we did…so much so, that our homes need a little TLC and organization before the new school year starts and we become busier than before. Between running out of the house, breakfast in hand, sports practice, homework, projects and don’t forget a little bit of family time, we want to make this new year transition as smooth as possible. Here are some tasks we like to incorporate into our household to prepare everyone (including our house) for the new school year ahead!

  • Creating a snack station. A designated area to store and organize all of the kid's snacks so that when you are running out the door or need an after school pick-me-up, snacks are easily accessible and kept in the same spots all year long. Buying cheap containers and bins is an easy way to keep things organized and not too hard for the kids to figure out either.

  • Total closet clean-up. Summer is a time to be outside having fun with friends and not keeping up with the mess made in your closet (is what most of our kids say, right?). Take time before school starts to go through all pieces of clothing and donating pieces that you or kids no longer wear. It is a great time for donation centers to receive donations like this, to provide those in need with clothes for the new school year! Once you have gone through all clothing items, figure out the best system for the closet at hand. Maybe you need some soft bins to throw accessories in, or maybe switch up where certain items are kept to make more sense. A closet revamp is so satisfying!

  • Designated Homework Area - it happens to a lot of households. There may be a home office, but doing homework seems to be more fun at the kitchen table on top of dirty dinner plates. By making a designated area for homework a fun and inviting place, your kids are more likely to stick there. Pick a spot in your home that you believe makes the most sense for them to do their homework (remember, now a days, computers are part of homework assignments most of the time), and fill it up with fun supplies like colored highlighters, markers, pens, pencils and even a whiteboard, that will make it enticing to get work done while keeping it all in one place. You can find cheap shelving, carts or bins to keep supplies in as well so no one is shouting “where are the markers!” 

  • Make a Family Command Center - choose a wall in your home that would be perfect for hanging up calendars, chalkboard, post-its, or any other type of communication device that you see suitable to coordinate schedules with your family and leave notes. Especially if you have multiple children or a busy work schedule to update the rest of the household on, having a designated area for notes and schedules becomes a huge help in times of emergency, forgetfulness, and curiosity. 

Finally, this last one may not be a house preparation tip, but more of a we-are-all-human-and-forget-things-sometimes tip for our kids when they get back to school. 

  • Create Emergency Bags - create bags for the kids to keep in their lockers for times of emergency. They can include anything you deem necessary but some ideas are $5 (we’ve all forgotten our lunch at one point before), list of family members phone numbers, extra pair of clothes, mini contact solution and case, mini deodorant, granola bars, hand sanitizer, chapstick, wipes, etc.

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