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Fall Gardening

Monday, September 2, 2019   /   by Natasha McNealy

Fall Gardening

Gardening and knowing when to plant certain produce during each season of the year can be overwhelming. If you wanted some vegetables to harvest this fall, you most likely needed to have had them planted this past spring and summer. However, all hope is not lost and the gardening season isn’t quite over just yet. There are still certain vegetables that you can sow this autumn in order to harvest them this winter or have ready next spring. 

Here is what you can sow this fall:

1. Garlic - it is fairly easy to grow garlic since they have a long growing season and will be ready to harvest next summer. 

2. Spring Onions - if sowed by early autumn, these can be ready to harvest by early spring. 

3. Perpetual Spinach - this will produce a large amount of ‘cut and come again’ crop and if planted by early autumn, can produce a great supply for you all winter and into summer! 

4. Onions and Shallots - like garlic, they are easy to grow and require little maintenance over the winter. They will be ready to harvest next summer. 

5. Peas - planting these now will give you a great crop of peas in early spring.

6. Asparagus - great especially if you have a lot of space to lay an asparagus bed. Planting these vegetables require much patience and may take up to 2 years to harvest them properly, but in the long run, can last up to 25 years! An expensive grocery item can be grown right in your backyard.

Note: if it does become very cold during the fall and it threatens the growth of your vegetables, you can throw some fleece across the beds for an extra layer of protection.

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