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Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive This Winter

Monday, December 23, 2019   /   by Natasha McNealy

Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive This Winter

Wintertime is resting time for your plants and doing too much may end up in killing them instead. Here are some tips on how to keep your indoor plants alive this winter season!

1. Water less frequently - depending on the pot size, soil, light, and heat in your home, you can cut back on watering your plants since the soil won’t be drying out as fast. Typically, you can get away with watering your houseplants every 2-3 weeks.

2. Use less water - when you do water your plants, cut back on the amount of water you use as well - around 25% less. 

3. Use room temperature water - ice-cold water will cause a shock to your houseplant’s system.

4. Reposition - you may need to move where your plants are in your home. Since winter calls for darker and shorter days, some plants may need to be in a space where your home gathers the most sunlight. Try to keep them away from your cold glass windows or near drafts and also not on top of any heaters. Rotate the pots need-be if the sun is only coming in one-way

5. Let them rest - plants go dormant and semi-dormant during the winter so they do not need to be fertilized and absolutely should not be re-potted.

6. Shower plants - some houseplants that are native to the tropics may be happier kept in your steamy bathroom or shower. During the winter, the heat in our homes makes for dry air and so by misting or letting them sit in a steamy room a few times a week will help.

Overall, the way you water and the amount of light your plants receive during the winter is very important. Overwatering is a common mishap and not having enough light will make for sad plants. Save all the pampering and loads of attention for the springtime and let them endure their natural dormant cycle during the winter!

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