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Summertime Healthy Habits

Wednesday, July 10, 2019   /   by Natasha McNealy

Summertime Healthy Habits

This year has been flying by - we cannot believe it is already the month of July! It really puts the saying “if not now, when?” into perspective. We don’t know where the time has gone and all of those things we said we were going to do as part of our New Year Resolutions sometimes are quickly forgotten. We want this to be your mid-year reminder to take time for yourself and start getting yourself in the routine of these healthy habits. Life is about feeling good and being happy, so let’s all encourage each other in making these lifestyle changes!

1. Eat a healthy breakfast. We know. Life is busy and there is not always time to sit down and feed yourself a good breakfast, especially if there are others depending on you. However, making a little more effort at the grocery store to make yourself feel good won’t take up more of your time than picking up the same old things. Find something that you like that is high in fiber and protein in order to keep you full and energized right from the start each morning!

2. Eat your greens. You’ve been told this before and we are telling you again! Incorporating more lettuce into your meals won’t hurt you and offers some great nutritional value that you weren’t getting otherwise. Also, now there are so many delicious green smoothies to choose from that can be refreshing AND healthy on a hot summers day!

3. Substitute unhealthy snacking for creative snacking. Eliminate those unhealthy snacks you always tend to lean on with healthier alternatives. If you are stumped on what to try out, check out our “Healthy Snack” blog posts we share each month!

4. Take the stairs. By doing this one simple change of taking the stairs instead of the elevator will make a difference! Take them every chance you get while you are at work, and at home, use them as a way to get your cardio in for the day with some repetitions.

5. Get outside. It is summertime in Boise and the number of outdoor activities you can do are endless! We are so lucky to live in a city with a gorgeous nature scene so take advantage of what you have and go explore! Or, if you aren't feeling adventurous, take some of your workouts outside on your patio or backyard to appreciate the sunshine!

6. Drink water. We know that it is recommended to drink eight glasses a water a day, but try to exceed even that - especially in this heat. There are so many health benefits to drinking more water that you can never have enough. Think of it as a success if you find yourself hurrying to the bathroom more often than you used to!

7. Walk breaks. During your lunch break, try to fit in a ten-minute walk, even if it is just around your office building. Your body needs a little movement, especially if you are sitting in a desk chair all day.

8. Focus on good posture. It is an unconscious habit for us to slouch in our chairs. But try to make a conscious effort to remind yourself to sit up straight. It will put less strain on your back and can even help lift those pains and aches you’ve been having.

9. Try to cut out the soda. We understand what it’s like to get cravings, but fighting off this one full of artificial sweeteners can improve your health tremendously and may aid in not craving high-calorie foods too. Luckily there are soda replacements like flavored seltzer water that can still give you that desired bubbly taste.

10. Go to bed early. A good marker for a good nights sleep is 7-8 hours. A good solid nights sleep will give you more energy and balance out hormones that may help your metabolism.