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The Best White Paints

Thursday, February 20, 2020   /   by Bill Redeker

The Best White Paints

Whether you are looking to build, refresh or sell your home - you can never go wrong with a good neutral, like white! But, nowadays, there are just so many versions of white. Some of the great reasons to choose a white are:

  1. It lightens and brightens any space - it’s a known fact the natural light and an open / airy feeling help to sell a home. 

  2. You can change the entire look of your room simply by changing your accent colors, metal finishes and textures. Keeping your paint color neutral and changing out accent pillows and blankets can work perfectly, especially if you like to keep up with the styles.

  3. With all of the different variations - you can choose a warm white, such as Dove White by Benjamin Moore, which keeps the room from being too stark. Or, you can choose a white, such as Dover White by Sherwin Williams and have a more traditional, cozy look. White isn’t just for the modernist any longer!

If you are looking for major inspo for getting white right, check out Studio McGee’s killer round-up on their blog and it’s linked here.

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