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Why You Should Buy a Home This Winter

Monday, December 16, 2019   /   by Natasha McNealy

Why You Should Buy a Home This Winter

1. Fewer buyers = less competition. Spring and summer are the most popular times in real estate - which is exactly why wintertime is the best time to buy a home. During the holidays and cold winter months, there tend to be less interested buyers out on the hunt and this is something that potential buyers should take advantage of. Since there are more homes on the market than buyers, sellers become more serious in wanting to sell their home which winter buyers can use to their advantage. There will be no or less competition that you will have to outbid, you will have more negotiating power and all-in-all, will have more time to think about decisions instead of making a rushed purchase to avoid competition. 

2. Fewer buyers = lower prices. When supply is greater than demand, prices tend to drop. So, when there are fewer buyers out on the market, sellers are more willing to drop their prices in order to have their homes sold. Buying in the winter can allow you to receive a better deal on a house you may like that may not be an option come spring or summer.

3. Fewer buyers = motivated sellers. During this lull period, sellers become more serious about selling their home and will be more willing to accommodate buyers' requests or negotiations. This can benefit you when it comes to anything from selling price, closing costs, agreements or closing dates.

4. Fewer buyers = more attention. When there are fewer people buying homes, the client’s will receive undivided attention from their realtors. There is more time to work even harder for you, push negotiations, have more options and work things to your benefit.

5. Be ready for summer! Think about it - you can buy a home this winter when the weather is still cold and dark, move in, unpack, organize, decorate and really settle in before summer even begins! Come summertime, you will be able to enjoy the outdoor amenities that came with your house instead of having to work on renovations or projects inside. Sit back and relax on your new deck or layout poolside thinking about how awesome your winter buying experience was!

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