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Buying or Selling Boise? This is why you need an Expert!

Wednesday, January 29, 2020   /   by Bill Redeker

Buying or Selling Boise? This is why you need an Expert!

Boise and the surrounding suburbs continue to grow at one of the fastest rates in US and it’s projected to continue through 2020. During boom times likes these, it is so important to confide and confer with a professional you know and trust. Here, at Agents With A Smile, we came up with some good guideposts for you as you think about buying or selling in this market and why hiring an expert is imperative:


  • Listing with an Agent vs. For Sale By Owner: In a 2018 study NAR completed, it showed that on average, homes that were listed and sold with a real estate professional sold for 13% more than without.

  • Honesty: You need an agent that is going to real with you and let you know how to prep your home to get the most out of this market, a market Boise has never seen before.

  • Exposure: When selling your home, it is important to get the most exposure possible, even in these hot markets. By having your listing posted on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), along with targeted marketing and national exposure - a professional knows how to get your home sold! 

  • Pricing Your Home: A listing agent has access and the knowledge of how to properly price your home. The goal is always for the client to get the most amount of money in the least amount of time. With the detailed analysis Agents With A Smile does, we average 16 days from listing to pending!

  • Time & Convenience: You have better and more important things to do than market, photo, host, negotiate and be knee-deep in contracts. Based on the above, why would you spend your time doing this when you’ve got better things to do!


  • In a hot market, a great buyers agent hears about listings as soon as they hit the market, or before. By having an agent that is well connected, it can only help when looking to get you your dream home!

  • Having ‘boots on the ground’ and an agent with experience is key when buying in a hot market. Because the market is moving so quickly, an expert will be better able to navigate what’s available and alternatives based on what your criteria is.

  • A good buyers agent knows how to make your offer standout in a multiple offer situation. We have had years of experience in this growing hot market, which also means lots of experience on helping clients secure their dream homes!

  • Interest rates are at an all-time low! Having an agent help connect you to a mortgage broker to get pre-approved can help tremendously when getting into a multiple offer situation.

  • New building is all over, that means fast-paced building and a shortage of trades people. We have buyers agents that have a great deal of knowledge in new construction. It is especially important when purchasing a new build to have someone advocating on your behalf. When things don’t go right (and there’s a good chance something will go off the rails at some-point), it is better to have that expert in the middle guiding you and helping push for you - it is especially helpful when it comes to contracts and representation.

    • This is a large, most of the time - THE LARGEST investment people make. Having a professional involved that is advocating on your behalf and with a level head is hugely important. In a hot market and multiple offer scenario, there are times after a deal is accepted that clients realize they might want to walk away. Having someone who has navigated these waters and knows how to deal with inspection issues and getting local, trusted expert opinions is key to helping you make a sound investment.

    Bottom line, you need a professional with experience on your side and who knows the area inside-and-out. With over 1900 transactions in and around the Treasure Valley completed, Agents With A Smile is a sound choice. Not only are we experts - we communicate, have amazing vendor options, have great negotiating strategies to help get you the most for your money. But, most importantly want you to be clients for life and that’s why customer service and serving your needs are at the top of what we strive to do, day-in and day-out. 

    Please contact us here if we can help you or help answer any of your questions!

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