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Monday, August 19, 2019   /   by Natasha McNealy

The Five Steps to Owning a Home

Buying a home is proven to be a great financial investment and often has a positive impact on your finances long term. If you are an interested first-time homebuyer, this is what you can expect to do and be prepared for, in the home-buying journey.

1. Preparing Your Finances - this step is absolutely crucial before you go any further in the home searching and buying process. By gathering up all of your finances, you will be able to understand what you can afford to pay each month (you should be able to comfortably pay your mortgage payment each month), have enough for a down payment (around 20%) and pay for closing costs. Your credit score is also very important when it comes to getting a mortgage loan, so if it is something that needs work, make it your priority.
2. Get pre-qualified for a loan - now that you took a look at your finances, it is time to find a loan that is right for you and your budget. Meeting with a lender will allow you to see what your options are, what you qua ...

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Monday, August 05, 2019   /   by Natasha McNealy

Treasure Valley Dog Island Grand Opening

On July 30th, Boise just became even more dog-friendly than it was before! Thanks to donations from the group Together Treasure Valley and the Harry W. Morrison Foundation, a brand new Dog Island has opened at Ann Morrison Park!
Boiseans love their four-legged children and the opening of this amazing new park is a great way to show our dogs our love and appreciation. It is a place for them to be able to run around and play off-leash, surrounded by beautiful nature and amenities.
Located in the southwest corner of Ann Morrison Park, the site includes a 5.4-acre active dog area, a fenced-in area for the “shy dogs” and a pond that has been dredged and cleaned, for dogs to swim and play in. For the owner's comfort, two picnic shelters have been installed and nine park benches are installed throughout the park.
Dog owners know the importance that playtime is for our beloved pets. Being able to play and run off-leash and to swim a few laps in the pond is a dog’s ultimate ...

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Monday, July 29, 2019   /   by Natasha McNealy

Things to Remember When Investing in Real Estate

Real Estate investing is a smart way to invest your money, especially in the up and coming Boise area. Our city is continually growing and recognized as one of the most ideal cities to be living in, in the country. While it is smart to start investing your hard-earned money into real estate, it is important that you take your time researching your market before you start investing your money.
Here are some tips you should take into consideration when you are getting started in real estate investing.
- In order to find yourself in a profitable investment, start with the basics of finding a property that is lower cost so that you can make a profit when you sell high. However, you cannot go looking around for the lowest priced property and believe it is going to make you a profit. You still need to consider important factors like the location of the property. This is where it is key to do your research and to have an agent by your side. The smartest places to invest your time and money ...

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Wednesday, July 24, 2019   /   by Natasha McNealy

Create a Herb Garden

Some things are better fresh and homemade (and with a little dirt between your fingers) which is why we want to share with you the steps to creating your own little herb garden! Having the ability to go to your backyard or patio and pluck some fresh herbs f ...

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